It may sound crazy to some, but we don’t think we could have asked for better weather on Ashley and Ryan’s wedding day. The soft, moody light, and nonstop mist that blanketed Such and Such farms all day paired perfectly with the warm, comforting presence that these two have. Seriously, Ashley and Ryan’s love not just for each other, but for their son Charlie is nothing but infectious and if witnessing that alone wasn’t enough to make you feel something this day, now imagine listening to them vow their love to each other as they speak from the heart, with nothing written down. Yeah, we don’t think their was a dry eye during the ceremony. It was truly inspiring to see two people so in love, so honest with their emotions, and so in the moment with each other - we feel incredibly lucky to have been able to capture it.

Congrats Ashley + Ryan!







ceremony + reception  // Such & Such Farm

photographer // Cory Miller

florist // Flowers & Weeds

ties +pocket square // Lonesome Traveler

ceremony band // Tommy Halloran’s Guerilla Swing

reception band // Grass Fed Mule

food // Tommy Andrew + Josh Poletti

pies // Scott McKinney

cake // Pint Size Bakery