Looking back on the past couple of years, we feel that we have truly developed our look and feel for weddings. Creating Juniper helps us reflect that style in more ways than just a wedding film. Being able to work with couples that have a similar style as us will allow us to better interpret the story behind their love. Non-traditional, adventurous, and intimate are just a few of the characteristics we look forward to in a wedding. We want to capture weddings that put a twist on the traditions; weddings that are cozy and thoughtful, and most of all weddings that are about the couple and their crazy love for one another. 



If you feel like our style reflects your style, please fill out the form below and tell us everything! We cannot wait to hear from you! 

Are you traveling or not in St. Louis? Ask about our travel packages! We LOVE to travel!

*Packages start at $3,500. Please know that we are always willing to openly discuss budget to potentially make something work.


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